Watering is one of the most important aspects of succulent care. Knowing when and how to water your succulents are keys to their survival. Overwatering is one of the easiest ways to accidentally kill your succulents due to their susceptibility to root rot, which is caused by Damp roots. It is also dangerous to leave the plant completely dry for long periods of time, as the roots will start to die back.

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The watering schedule for your succulents will be determined by your location, succulents are incredibly resilient and will adapt Just fine as long as they are not over-watered.

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First, succulents should only be watered when their soil is only completely dry. The dryness of your soil can be gauged by using a moisture meter, or by simply sticking a dry chopstick into the soil. If wet dirt sticks to the chopstick, the succulents If you don’t feel much moisture down around the root ball, it’s time to water.

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Second, there is no magic timeline to follow when it comes to watering succulents. Waterings may be required as often as every few days or as far apart as every 3-4 weeks, but make sure to error on the side of under-watering. More frequent waterings may be required during the Summer and Spring months when the weather is a bit warmer, such waterings should be more infrequent during the Fall and Winter. Also, succulents kept indoors are likely to require less frequent watering as compared to those kept outdoors Again, the easiest way to determine your plant’s watering needs is simply to check the soil for moisture.

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Third, one of the most overlooked rules when it comes to watering succulents is the time of day. Succulents should never be watered past 2pm in the Summer or 11am the rest of the year. Don’t ask us where this rule came from, but It really does seem to make a difference.

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